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Re: [opensuse-factory] automount problems

Am 06/04/12, schrieb Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

* Marcus Meissner <meissner@xxxxxxx> [06-04-12 02:44]:

The ConsoleKit handling is the responsibility of either the display
manager (xdm, kdm4, gdm have support for it) or can be explicitly set
in the PAM snippet of your service.

You can check if this is done by doing:

$ ck-list-sessions

which should print something like:

         unix-user = '1000'
         realname = 'Marcus Meissner'
         seat = 'Seat1'
         session-type = ''
         active = TRUE
         x11-display = ':0'
         x11-display-device = '/dev/tty7'
         display-device = ''
         remote-host-name = ''
         is-local = TRUE
         on-since = '2012-06-04T04:44:46.209182Z'
         login-session-id = '4294967295'
Thanks for this, may be the problem I have with automounting.

My ck-list-sessions reveals "FALSE" to "active" and "is-local". 
systemctl [start/restart] console-kit-daemon.service
  does not help
What do I need to do the achieve "automounting"

My experience shows that ck is largely broken, or a least lacks in several
aspects. It does not support multiseat (only one active session at a time), it
does not support remote sessions (e.g. via LTSP) (unable to find the correct
session at all). Whereas the former at least shows the pk authorization dialog,
although for the wrong 'active' state, the latter is unable to show a dialog at

These problems can be solved by using systemd-logind. This needs a
newer/patched polkit package. Anyone interested in testing this can find one in
home:StefanBruens:branches:Base:System .

Session state can be queried using systemd-loginctl.

Pros of systemd-loginctl: it works
Cons: it *might* depend on systemd, but I have not tested this.


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