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Re: [opensuse-factory] Status: Beta
On 29.05.2012 11:10, Marcus Schäfer wrote:

I don't know why kiwi's initrd calls an external tool for it either :)

There is a good reason. When using expr you see that when in shell
debug mode (set -x) when using $((...)) you don't see the calculation
bits just the result. So it was helpful for debugging for me but
I will eliminate the use of expr if it's gone

You could just printf "..." >&2 for the important numbers (which is quite efficient as printf is a builtin). See also my other mail on how to avoid the unnecessary cut/grep/cat stuff.

Just to tell you I don't think it's a good idea to remove old
stone linux tools like expr you will break more than just kiwi

It has been obsolete since before Linux even existed, it is in ksh88 and SUSv2/POSIX.2 shell.
Guido Berhoerster
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