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[opensuse-factory] (pick one): 12.1 is conflicted...(another regression) OR Rationality of current software release process?

When I try to run yast2, I get

> sudo yast2
Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-law" is owned by uid 5013 instead of uid 0.

So I think...ok...that's weird, it wants law's kdecache to be owned by

ok, I'm game (changed ownership)...

Then I go to do a kernel build (another kde using app)...which I usually
as normal user...

scripts/kconfig/qconf Kconfig
# using defaults found in arch/x86/configs/x86_64_defconfig
Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-law" is owned by uid 0 instead of uid 5013.
Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-law" is owned by uid 0 instead of uid 5013.
Error: "/tmp/kde-law" is owned by uid 0 instead of uid 5013.
Error: "/tmp/kde-law" is owned by uid 0 instead of uid 5013.


I think yast2 is the one at fault here...

It shouldn't expect that /var/tmp/kdecache-law would be owned by other than
law!... or is that just silly?

This worked on 11.4.

I think 12.1 should be declared null and void as far as moving the
support dates for previous releases 'forward', since from my own
experience, and others, it doesn't seem it was read to be released, yet
was because "It was the date".

Maybe we should move more toward a linux kernel model -- aim for 3-4
months, but if it isn't ready then, then it won't be shipped until it's
quality!.. even if it means a 1-month delay -- and that DOES push the
next release out by that amount.

It is **impossible** -- i.e not rational, to expect that one can know
how much work something will take and fit it to exactly a preset time
period. This is a delusion mostly pushed down from marketers and
managers who want control over a chaotic process that is -- sorry,
becoming increasingly chaotic as the number of software packages grows
and the number of new programmers who have no experience enter the field
and generate whole knew sets of popular packages with bugs that were
fixed in older software 40 years ago.

I need to start keeping a log of how many times a "new idea" comes up or
a new methodology" comes up that is just a repackaging of a previous ---
not that new ideas are impossible, but since most of the people writing
software have no software background, they don't know what has been done
before, so of course it is new!

It's rare that I find a computer science graduate actually doing
software engineering these days...which is fine -- humans are very
adaptable creatures, but it does mean many of them will re-invent wheels
and re-invent the same mistakes that were done a generation ago.

There is little "institutional knowledge" that is carried over from
to generation due to software engineering not being treated like those
requiring similar training and operating in fields of similar
complexity. Nor are there any standards for who is qualified to write
code nor for code quality. It's not
like you can call a building inspector to inspect to see if your code
meets 'Code', and it's not like you have to be vetted by some process
(journeyman training with plumbers/electricians), or lawyers and doctors
studying under
seniors -- all of those complex professions have requirements of working
senior partners to make sure you get trained. Software engineering
doesn't have

As a result -- the chaos at each generation (and each release) is
inescapably more complex than the previous. To expect each to take the
same finite amount of time is irrational.

That doesn't mean each release HAS to take longer, but the scope of what
is done
may need to be narrowed to fit the time allotted. This isn't being
done and quality is going down the tubes (noticed first with 11.4 in
terms of ease of upgrade)...

This wasn't meant to be about these larger issues -- just that yast2 is
broken in expecting a user-specific kde dir to be owned by root.

Feel freel to discuss the larger issue -- but maybe the subjects should
split to help people who want to discuss either (please prune my verbosity


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