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Re: [opensuse-factory] GCC 4.7 status

Quoting Wolfgang Rosenauer <wolfgang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I've replied earlier but something in our list setup refused to send the mail.
No idea why as it was just a simple reply from K9-Mail :-( and I have very
limited internet access atm.

So basically a new SeaMonkey version is released together with Firefox and
Thunderbird to pick up the new Gecko release. I have not checked SeaMonkey
specifically against gcc 4.7 but I know that Firefox should be fixed and most
stuff is shared anyway. Therefore my expectation is that Seamonkey-next is
already fixed and I will take care of it in case it's not. Is it urgent to
verify? Releases are scheduled for 24th so I can verify around that date
(probably a bit earlier but I'm travelling atm).


Thanks for your reply.... that's pretty much what I expected to happen with Seamonkey, so never touched it.

I'm not sure about how 'urgent' it is. There has not been any commitment or statement IF we actually switch to Gcc 4.7 as default compiler; Of course with all the time I invested on fixing packages I would like to see this happen now too...

Also, we are at M3, not sure how much longer we can/wait if we want to do the switch... I think post M3 release should be a good time... some more packages might fail which I did not spot (I generally ignored packages also failing in openSUSE:Factory and rated them as not-gcc related failures.. which can be wrong of course).

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