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Re: [opensuse-factory] I am asking for confirmation...
On 19/03/12 22:54, Sid Boyce wrote:
On 19/03/12 06:06, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 18/03/12 17:22, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2012/03/18 17:07 (GMT+1100) Basil Chupin composed:

...please that what is now available for downloading as Milestone #2
(Build 0258) is what is going to be announced on Monday (as per Kulow)
as the release of Milestone #2 and which has been sent to the mirrors.

Have you looked at ? From what I see I wouldn't bet on an announcement coming as scheduled. If you're a gambler maybe 262 is worth a shot.

Thanks Felix.

Yes, I AM a gambler - and therefore a loser as a result :-( .

I downloaded the KDE Live 32-bit #262 "CD" this morning, while I was still in the offpeak period, where I am not charged for downloads, and it acted just like the #258 one I wasted my time on BUT with this proviso: I did NOT try to install it. I will try to do so tomorrow morning when I am again in the offpeak, not-being-charged-for, time slot.


There is very little risk these days. Some of my boxes have been progressively upgraded live all the way from 11.0 Milestone 0 to 11.2 Milestone 2.
I only ever do a fresh install sometimes when upgrading to a larger HD.

See my other reply re what happened this morning. After failing to install MS #2 I re-installed MS #1 and then went for zypper dup - which was a waste of time as now my system is truly stuffed because not all of the upgrades were installed due to a missing file. Now I cannot even login to try and recover, and so will have to start all over again. (But I really don't know why I am bothering. Stubbornness I guess......)


Wife sent me to the doctor to get the pills for me to have an erection.
When I came back I gave her the packet of slimming pills.
I am still looking for somewhere to live.

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