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Re: [opensuse-factory] Anybody working on plymouth integration for 12.2?
On 02/08/2012 02:38 PM, Vincent Untz wrote:
Hey there,

I'm wondering if anybody is working on integrating plymouth for 12.2? If
yes, is help needed?

I was thinking that "someone" might be doing that, but if everybody
believes the same thing, then nobody is this "someone" ;-)



I was asking around at Fosdem to find that someone, but with the today chat, I
fear we just have no-one :-(

Copy and paste about the discussion on irc today.

[10:12] <tigerfoot> ping tittiatcoke, at fosdem, I've learned you are (or not)
the plymouth integrator, can you confirm this
fcrozat & vuntz are looking about you, also artwork team (mostly Ilmehtar)
[10:12] <tittiatcoke> tigerfoot: Hi :-)
[10:13] <tigerfoot> tittiatcoke: yeah Hi, sorry long ping :D
[10:13] <tittiatcoke> Euh. I am definitely not. At least I am not aware that I
am the integrator. Ok. I have a package in my
home directory, am building systemd with plymouth control and I have been
asking around with regards to the jump from plymouth
to KDM. But that is it :-)
[10:14] <tigerfoot> okay, so the fear of vuntz about someone is noone, is
justified :D
[10:14] <tigerfoot> tittiatcoke: how hard was the maintenance of it ?
[10:16] <tittiatcoke> tigerfoot: Yup. Well plymouth itself is fine. I grabbed
the package from somewhere and that was it :-).
Systemd just requires a small change in it's spec-file to enable plymouth
support. But then the fun starts with KDM. You require
a patch (which I grabbed from Fedora) which should have it running on tty1, but
this somehow is not really working with us and I
haven't found out yet what or where it goes wrong
[10:17] <tigerfoot> tittiatcoke: okay, I copy paste those lines to the
factory-ml ,, fcrozat, vuntz will not help us (gnome) but
I was thinking that plymouth path for kdm was already upstream ...
[10:18] <tigerfoot> which was the most annoying trouble in the previous attempt
in 2010
[10:19] <tittiatcoke> tigerfoot: Nope. Not for this specific support it seems.
But I am now in the situation where my KDE
session constantly tries to jump to tty1 while it is active. I get then errors
in the Xorg.0.log file that indicates that it
couldn't swith the session to tty1. So with the latest changes something must
have happened (either in systemd, Xorg or in the
latest KDE master )
[10:19] <tigerfoot> tittiatcoke: in which repo are you building it ?
[10:20] <tittiatcoke> home:tittiatcoke (that is at least where plymouth and
systemd are)
[10:21] <tittiatcoke> einar77: with jumping to tty1 ?
[10:22] <einar77> tittiatcoke: these are the (optional) patches one can apply
to get integration
[10:22] <einar77>
[10:22] <einar77> when my eee ran on Arch Linux I used these
[10:22] <einar77> some are unrelated
[10:22] <einar77> (effects etc.)
[10:23] <tittiatcoke> einar77: Ok :-) I will have a look at that.
[10:23] <einar77> but can you check whether they are the fedora patches or
there's something more?
[10:23] <tittiatcoke> einar77: I will.
[10:23] <einar77> I know it used to run OK
[10:23] <tittiatcoke> :-)
[10:23] <einar77> tittiatcoke: btw with regards to the shutdown issue
[10:23] <tigerfoot> cool ... if we get something ...
[10:23] <einar77> did you try without plymouth?
[10:24] <tittiatcoke> einar77: Nope :-)
[10:24] <einar77> I have a hunch plymouth is not terminating correctly
[10:24] <tittiatcoke> einar77: Maybe
[10:26] <einar77> I'll reboot to test a few things and report back
[10:27] <tittiatcoke> einar77: Ok.
[10:30] <tigerfoot> Maybe also time to cross-consolidated the effort with
(fcrozat who integrate plymouth in mandriva
previously) vuntz/dimstar for the gnome part & Ilmehtar as coordinator for the
artwork team

Package home link

Time to team up :D


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

openSUSE Member & Ambassador
GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
irc: tigerfoot
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