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Re: [opensuse-factory] [RFC DRAFT] Phasing out sysvinit
On 18/12/11 06:13, Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:
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Am 17.12.2011 01:18, schrieb Cristian Rodríguez:
On 17/12/11 17:41, Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:

yes most of those are bugs elsewhere..

bugs that only occur because of systemd can not be ignored when you
want to drop the working alternative.

If I dont' narrow down the proposal, the number of different scenarios
go to the roof.

let's have an example - I used to adapt the timeout for mounting my
crypted home partition. By looking at /etc/init.d/boot.crypto I found
that /lib/cryptsetup/boot.crypto.functions contains a TIMEOUT value of
120 seconds, which I then change with a text editor and will thus be
used on next boot.
Systemd does not use /etc/init.d/boot.* files

with "find" I found
/lib/systemd/systemd-cryptsetup (binary - so unreadable)

Yes, that's because systemd interfaces with libcryptsetup ..


which mentions
man 7 systemd.special
but this manual page does not even mention "crypt" once.
And nothing about "timeout" either.

Did you filled a bug report ?

Where does the support effort come from (aside from fixing bugs that
need fixing anyway)?

bit rotting.

I can see some effort in maintaining /etc/init.d/boot.* files together
with their systemd equivalent.

Some of them will probably go away as systemd handles them natively.

are we in a hurry?

The sooner the better, people will eb able to direct efforts into one thing, that has ONE particular set of rules.

Im all for choice, but in this scenario it is not healthy.

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