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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: 12.1 IPv6 addressing issue
Sebastian Freundt wrote:
Yes, that was my point initially, it's*not* your network and hence you're
not free to do whatever you want.

As for the routing protocol, I was thinking of AS transits and
specifically HE's services. Pretty much the only acceptable business
solution two years ago. And personally I think ASNs make a lot more sense
in v6 space and everybody should have their own.
Anyway, regardless what routing protocol they use, the fact remains, you
can't control their router. You're lucky that they route everything you
chuck at them. It's however a privilege you're not entitled to, and
if they did it differently, arguing that it's their cock-up won't get you

Why do you keep dragging this in??? It's not relevant!!! I control only my own network. I simply get the subnet from someone else who worries about what's beyond. I am not trying to control their routers.

The connection is what costs. It doesn't cost any more to carry more
> than one address as it is all data over the link.
Again, you're not living in the real world. It's the software development
phase that costs. It doesn't cost any more to give you another licence as
it is just generating another licence key. Doesn't really work in the
open-source world but you get the idea:)

Please explain what the cost difference is given there's no difference in transport cost and it takes just as much effort to configure a router for a small subnet as large. There's no significant cost to IPv6 addresses, because there are so many of them, unlike IPv4 where there's not enough to support the demand.
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