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Re: [opensuse-factory] Critical problems with RC2 LiveUSB
On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 13:13:14 +0530, Freek de Kruijf <> wrote:

On vrijdag 11 november 2011 05:12:57 Roger Luedecke wrote:
On Thursday, November 10, 2011 07:59:16 PM Brian K. White wrote:
> I never had any issue with swap. I usually don't make any in the
> partitioning screen and that's that. I've never used the new liveusb
> though, so of course that probably has new things it does different from
> the regular net iso.

Yeah, I'm not even getting to the point of running the installer because of
the partitioning/swap issue. But clearly it alters the USB in some fashion
after the first boot. For that matter, the first time I ran live I didn't
so much as start the installer. But it still screwed up the sticks ability
to boot.

You are probably using an USB stick with 1GB. The KDE Live image on a USB
stick tries use the remaining space on the stick and put there a partition
with the name hybrid. However on a 1 GB stick this partition is not large
enough. So you end up with a non-bootable stick. If you use a 2 GB stick it
will work. See
Because there are more problems with this hybrid, hybrid has been removed from
the Live image for GM. So the GM Live image will be usable on a 1 GB USB

i've had the same happen to me, using an 8GB stick. that 'hybrid' partition was created, and after being used to start a live session once, it didn't boot again and i had to re-write the stick. something doen't work as expected, i'm afraid. (this wasn't one of the latest isos, though, a month or so ago.)
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