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[opensuse-factory] Critical problems with RC2 LiveUSB
I had done an earler test run on the LiveUSB without installing and had few
problems or critiques even though it was slower than a slug on a salt flat at
noon. Now I tried to install.

First boot off live media works fine. Second boot hangs very early in the
process. Says something about SWAP. After the first boot something must be
getting damaged on the LiveUSB, and to get it to work again I have to 'dd' the
image onto the drive again. This problem existed in 11.3 as well if I recall

Partioning problems. "Device /dev/sda5 cannot be removed because it contains
activated swap that is needed to run the installation." This error came up as
I was trying to rearrange my HDD partitions for the install. I attempted
'swapoff -a' to no avail. This problem has not been encountered by me before.
I have 2 gigs of Ram so I can't imagine why it needs swap anyhow. I wonder if
this activated swap may be the reason for the sudden slow down in live media

Long standing partitioning problem with YaST: It cannot recover a thumbdrive
used for an install media. It is unable to appropriately rewrite the
partioning table. I always have to use my Macintosh to fix the thumbdrives...
Win7 won't work either. How to replicate... dd .iso to drive; attempt to
reformat; plug in and see the live media is still there.

I was hoping to get more testing in than this, but this stops those plans dead
since I do need my machine to still be functional; hence the lateness of
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