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Re: [opensuse-factory] Mixed translated/untranslated messages in installation from KDE liveCD
On 11/10/2011 03:38 PM, Martin Schlander pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Torsdag den 10. november 2011 11:37:14 skrev Stephan Kulow:
Am Mittwoch, 9. November 2011, 11:05:59 schrieb Sascha Peilicke:

People wanting network downloads should prefer the much smaller NET iso.
The live iso currently supports only english and german, the DVD supports
much more languages. The 11.4 supported more languages, but as both GNOME
and KDE grow with each release, I had to take down languages ;(

We might want to change the live isos to only have english and more
language supported by the installation though. For this we need to split
yast2-trans into parts needed by installer and rest though.

Maybe it's getting time (for 12.2) to do like e.g. Mandriva and make
live"dvds" of about 1,5 gigs or so. So it's still a managable download size,
but the experience out of the box could be much nicer, i.e. including
translations, synaptiks and other important stuff.

I'm guessing a large proportion of the live isos go onto usb sticks these days
anyway which aren't limited to 700 megs. And who doesn't have a dvd burner?

Exactly. Many flavors of USB sticks are cheap enough to buy 8Mb sticks and DVD burners today support dual layer. The cost of the dual layer has come down a lot as well.

Better to have people supported with their natural language right at boot time and have them feel more at home with openSuSE.

Ken Schneider
SuSe since Version 5.2, June 1998
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