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Re: [opensuse-factory] here an error, there an error, everywhere an error
Hi Lars,

Me too is an (open)suse fan and user since, well, I don't know exactly, but in any case since 1997. Then I bought a Hercules Dynamite 3D/GL card, for which had to *buy* a driver to get it working with Suse. I still have the card...

I have seen Suse, later OpenSuse getting better, better and even better.

But it still isn't what is more or less my mantra since I'm in IT (that's 1985, student time not counted): a computer should be as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner. Well, it probably will never be...

In my posting on this list of 4-11 ("Mixed findings <...>") I have two examples: no sound, which I have solved, but without having the faintest idea how. I won't recap the posting on that, but for a newbie linux user it would most certainly be a reason in its own to refrain from it. Especially since there was no answer to it on this list, too.

Second example - in the same post - is video, which still is unsolved. Also on this subject there wasn't any answer on this list. And yes, I have a two monitor setup. I agree which you that will be a minority of the use cases, but I think it's a rather substantial minority. Especially if you are (as an amateur or by profession) in video- of photo editing, a dual monitor setup is a big pré.

I'm sure the problems I have will be solved in the end, but again, a newbie linux user must be very determined not to leave when confronted with them. And even more so hearing the disappointing sound of silence on the report of his findings.

regards, Jogchum Reitsma

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