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Re: [opensuse-factory] Mixed findings with 12.1RC2
On zaterdag 5 november 2011 05:12:05 you wrote:
2011/11/4 Freek de Kruijf <>:
On vrijdag 4 november 2011 22:24:30 Jogchum Reitsma wrote:
One peculiarity: in both occasions there was a message that parted
couldn't read the partition table of the disk to be installed upon,
and hence wouldn't be able to repartition the disk. That wasn't needed,
so no big deal in my case, but it seems strange to me...

I see this message only when I use a USB stick as the boot device, but it
also indicates that the device it cannot partition is the USB
stick/disc, called sdX, where X is a letter; in my case c or g.

I did went through something like that, but re-writting the image to
the stick fixed the problem and when I rebooted again the partition
table was there editable.

This was a USB stick with openSUSE KDE Live on it, so the first partition is
an iso9660 partition. Immediate after booting such a system, it is writing a
second partition on the remaining part of the stick which gets the label
hybrid and which is ext3 formatted.
Later in the process of installation before doing the partitioning, this
message about being not able to repartition that device appears.

However there is a serious problem after that. First it takes an awful amount
of time before the KDE user screen is ready for use. Clicking the install
button froze the system and only a power off regained control.

After that first booting the USB stick fails, right at the moment in the first
boot the hybrid partition was created the boot process does not advance
anymore. So only rewriting the Live CD image to the USB stick makes it
bootable again, but only for one boot.

Later I tried the KDE Live in a virtual machine and could not use the Live
system. After some time the system hangs. Contrary to booting from the USB
getting a responsive KDE screen did not take that much time. However working
in that screen gives the above mentioned result.

I was only able to use the KDE Live CD to generate a system using the
Installation entry in the boot menu of the Live CD. This was in a VM. Did not
try it on a real system. So there are still serious problems with the KDE Live
CD image.


Freek de Kruijf
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