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Re: [opensuse-factory] KPackageKit's purpose

Am 01.11.2011 16:25, schrieb Will Stephenson:
On Tuesday 01 Nov 2011 14:10:14 Tim Edwards wrote:
Great, I'm re-installing by testing install with RC1. Is it possible to
test Apper, I mean is the 12.1 update repo available in the right state? has the usual set of test updates,
minus the eula-required update for some reason. To repeat the test updates,
zypper in --force the update-test packages to the version shipped with
12.1rc1, don't try to remove the patch or the package entirely.


BTW I found out first hand a few days ago why we need a proper updater on the desktop:

I had my netbook with me on a work trip. This netbook has a script that I dropped into cron.daily that runs zypper up. I booted the netbook up and did some stuff on it for a short time and then shut it down again, not noticing that the hard drive light was flashing hard at work doing something. On the next reboot opensuse refused to load.

Luckily I had a USB stick with the 11.4 KDE image on it handy. I managed to mount the partitions after booting the LiveUSB and saw in the logs that cron had just happened to have been running my zypper up script when I rebooted, and it must've been halfway through a critical component like glibc or something.

Despite chrooting onto / of the installation and fiddling around with rpm and zypper nothing would save it - it was completely broken with even grub throwing up errors about basic libs (eg. ncurses) not found. I had to reinstall.

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