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Re: [opensuse-factory] Do we really need delta rpms enabled by default?
On 2011/10/26 16:42 (GMT+0200) Stefan Seyfried composed:

Ilya Ch_ernykh wrote:

C wrote:

Modern internet speeds? By whose benchmark? While some of us have
100Mbit or faster connections, that is certainly not the norm for the
vast majority of the planet.

Unless you are using dialup or GPRS, using normal rpms would be faster.

Unless you are using a very slow machine, using delta rpms is faster.

Hint: without numbers, this is not productive.

I tried it with (artificially) slow network on a 144GB 24 core dual-ssd
server... deltarpm application even for large packages like
kernel-source is blazingly fast ;-)

_Apparent_ delta RPM slowness annoyed me for years until a couple of months ago when I discovered the possibility to and how to disable them. I've virtually always used commit.downloadMode = DownloadAsNeeded, not doing so only in the period immediately after it became the default no longer. Applying deltas, subjectively, seemed in most cases to take longer than downloading a full RPM. None of my machines have more than one CPU or CPU core. Most are 2.4GHz or slower. Few have more than 1G RAM.
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