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Re: [opensuse-factory] Gnome 3 poll
Am Freitag, 2. September 2011, 18:03:55 schrieb Ilya Chernykh:
On Friday 02 September 2011 18:53:46 Vincent Untz wrote:
And we (those running factory of opensuse) were forced to move to gnome
3 unconditionally. Unlike with KDE 3 -> 4 move. Or we might switch to
other environment. I chose the latter and won't switch back. I have
enough of other work than switching DMs.

I'm sad to hear this. Unfortunately, I don't think it would have been
possible to do things differently: there was no way to keep GNOME 2 and
GNOME 3 at the same time with our current (read: extremely limited)

May be I am asking a wrong question, but why the resources are so limited?
I heard that Novell is a company that operates with billions dollars and
their business is SUSE-centric...

Novell is out. The next SLES, if any, will probably be done by the suse team
which is not SLES. By the way, this is opensuse, the community thing which
goes a long way making clear they're not a company's low budget linux and a
bunch of idiots who work for free.

resources. I'm also interested to hear what's not working for people in
the fallback mode compared to a GNOME 2 experience.

If you (general you, not just Jiri) are not happy with how GNOME is
developed in openSUSE, a good first step is to join the opensuse-gnome
mailing list or #opensuse-gnome channel, and start discussing how to
improve things. We're not horrible people hating the world. At least I
hope we're not :-)

Last week there was an interview with Jon McCann which was very
disappointing for many people. He called to reject any patches and plugins
that could make Gnome3 more Gnome2-like and suggested to those who are
disappointed to just use another DE

Well, why should they be any wiser than KDE after they've fallen from grace?

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