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[opensuse-factory] python-gobject 2.90.x hit Factory
Hi all,

We submitted an update of python-gobject to Factory.

The new version, 2.90.2 is now based PURELY on the gobject-introspection
based bindings and is not compatible to code relying on the old

This link explains it better than I could ever write it:

As this is of course a big change for Factory and the time to a final
release is getting shorter, we do not expact everybody to change their
codes (just yet).

So we also submitted the 'old' version to Factory as python-gobject2
(the new version will become 3.0 when it's fully ready).

python-gobject2 is not yet available in Factory (as of now), but that is
likely to change in the not to distant future (SR pending).

A big amount of packages might have turned into 'Unresolvable' after
this change, as they were (still) BuildRequiring python-gobject2-devel
(which in turn was a virtual symbol provided) or they are BuildRequiring
pkgconfig(pygobject-2.0). For those packages, the virtue is patiance:
simply wait and the problem will get sorted for you with the 'old'
version being checked in.

The ones BuildRequiring python-gobject-devel will need to verify if
their code does what it is supposed to to. Failures to build or start
might hint that the other bindings are required.

I hopes not to many started debugging their new build Failures or
expansion errors yet.

Best regards,

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