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Re: [opensuse-factory] Booting 12.1 M3 succeeds only with nomodeset
Op 24-07-11 21:33, Felix Miata schreef:
On 2011/07/24 21:00 (GMT+0200) Jogchum Reitsma composed:

Op 24-07-11 16:11, Felix Miata schreef:

So many ways to report equivalent information makes searching to success often difficult. :-(

In this case, some bug summary possibilities:
1-black screen
2-why screen is black (mine)
3-screen didn't unblack when expected (one meaning of your words)
4-nvidia/nouveau/nv X broken
Thanks, I'll try to use analogue reasoning in the future. But, as you say, it's not always an easy search...

Does your Xorg.0.log also report "all outputs disconnected" booting
with KMS enabled?

Excuse my ignorance, but what means "KMS enabled"? Better said, what is
KMS and how do I enable it?

Kernel Mode Setting, enabled by default since 11.3, disabled by nomodeset (in failsafe Grub stanzas), nouveau.modeset=0, i915.modeset=0 or similar.

So i take it that my "nomodeset" on the kernel command line is Kernel mode setting is. So my answer to your original question is no, I've no such line in Xorg.0.log.

I searched Xorg.0.log, both after booting with or without nomodeset, but
no such report.

Does your 8600GT have both VGA, DVI and S-Video out ports? Mine has dual DVI only, works with or without DVI to VGA converter in Windows, works (IIRC) only with DVI cable in 11.4, never produces working X in 12.1 without nomodeset.

Indeed I have VGA, DVI and S-Video out ports. I use VGA and DVI (with an DVI-to-VGA adapter) simultaneously (dual screen, ergo). I don't have Windows, so I couldn’t possibly comment on that (to cite Francis Urquhard in The House of Cards).

I'll try the patch by Johannes Obermayr, but not tonight anymore...

regards, Jogchum

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