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[opensuse-factory] oSC conference deadline extended, we want more interactivity!!!
Hi all,

Let me start with the important part:

conference. What do YOU want to accomplish? What does YOUR team need to talk
about? What features should be finished? What decisions should be made? Use
the conference for that!

PLEASE SEND IN BoF PROPOSALS for oSC! They take no preparation and barely any
work as 'leader' - it's just an informal get-together. Yes, you can do that
over dinner too, but - nobody takes notes, lots of beer... A BoF is NOT any
more formal than a dinner meet but it does ensure the participants are
focussed on the discussion, not the food, and sober ;-)

Sending in a BoF proposal ensures you get a room for 40 minutes with no
strings attached. And you never know who suddenly shows up and happens to be
willing and able to take on some work!

Aside from BoF's, we love more workshops and hack sessions. How about a hack
session to fix up one or two modules in YaST. Or fix some kernel bugs. Or get
a bunch of perl updates packaged. Or, to get more people working on your
stuff, a workshop "hacking on YaST". A workshop "porting your app from sysv to

Register your session here:

About the oSC deadline:

Last monday the deadline for the oSC CfP was extended. We had a fair number of
submissions already but the "interactive" proportion of sessions wasn't what
we hoped.

I'm sure that's partially due to lack of clarity about what we want, so let me
try to explain a bit here too.

We want to get more 'work done' at oSC. And focus more strongly on openSUSE.
The last conference had many non-openSUSE people and the results were great -
but for openSUSE it wasn't what it could've been.

Now many of us get together only once a year at the conf and we could do more
than listen to talks, have dinner and drink beer. That's why we want more BoF
sessions (essentially team meetings), workshops (eg teach to package better,
or test, or ...) and hack sessions (get together and do work).

Each of these sessions we'll try to explain more. The BoF was explained a few
weeks ago [1] and today the workshop will get some attention [2]. Next week I
hope to get something out on how to efficiently do a hack session.

Be sure to read regularly and send in your proposals

the CfP committee and the Conference team

[2] on around 17:00 EU time
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