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Re: [opensuse-factory] The road to systemd for openSUSE 12.1
On 06/13/2011 07:54 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2011/06/13 14:24 (GMT+0200) Michal Vyskocil composed:

Upstream claimed it is enough stable and feature complete, it
has been already released in Fedora 15, so will be here any better time
in future?

KDE claimed 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 & 4.5 were ready too. Even 4.6 lacks
features I depend on in 3.5.x.

Saying something is good enough for Fedora is no recommendation,
particularly WRT this particular fundamental base system change. Most
traffic on Fedora's devel & test lists since last fall are about
systemd or its fallout, particularly for attempts to upgrade from F14.

A better time would be after catching up from the post-11.0 and
post-SaX2 Xorg, libata, pulseaudio, KDE4 & KMS foibles, and making
sure Gnome 3 is actually good enough for ordinary people using Gnome 2
to upgrade to. There needs to be a release where all the important
stuff just works, as in pre-10.1 days, like 10.2 & 11.0 only came
close to doing, and others less.

And of course, having it enabled by default earlier in
Factory would help with bugfixing a lot.

Early enough probably means the day immediately following the day the
previous release's GM goes to the duplicators, along with a 15 month
devel cycle. Since sysv has yet to be dumped I find it hard to imagine
systemd being anywhere near openSUSE release ready by 12.1's scheduled
release date.

I have zero faith that release next will be a good release, or one I
can replace my already OOS 24/7 use 11.2 with. I'm spending more and
more time dreading a search for something to replace openSUSE, zypper
and YaST2 with, knowing already Debian, *buntu & Fedora aren't even
close to considering. I wish I could take a nap lasting 2 years.
Why don't you use SLED?
It won't be shipped with systemd in the nearby future, it is supported
for a long time, it should be stable and you would still have your
familiar environment.

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