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Re: [opensuse-factory] HAL and related
Jeff Mahoney wrote:
However, the fact remains that:
1) KDE3 is unsupported by the upstream project
2) KDE3 is doesn't have anyone committed fully to keeping it maintained
in openSUSE
3) Its proponents aren't claiming that it should be a popular option --
just that they want it available.

The latter two could be said about almost any package in openSUSE.

These issues make a pretty clear case for why it shouldn't be part of an
official release. Without committed people supporting it, any issues
that arise make the entire release look bad.

If the issue is to make it easy to install, then perhaps one solution
might be to add the ability (if it doesn't already exist) to add
external repositories and patterns early in the installation process.

Do we really want openSUSE to be collection of random repos with
unknown policy? I for one don't. If there's popular demand for a
package we should IMHO try to include it in Factory and therefore
releases instead of training people to add random repos or to
install stuff from random places on the internet. Having a package
in Factory means that at least some very minimal standard is adhered
to. There's no benefit in keeping a package away from Factory
because it's "unmaintained" if lots of people have it installed from
elsewhere anyways.


(o_ Ludwig Nussel
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