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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE vs Ubuntu for Enterprise Scientific Computing Environment
El 04/06/11 09:51, Di Pe escribió:
This may be slightly off-topic for this forum, but I wanted to hear
what the Suse experts have to say.

We are are a research non-profit with about 2500 staff (300-400 part
time Unix users and 100 hardcore Linux users) and about 500 openSUSE
and some SLES and CentOS boxes ( 50 Desktops, 100 servers and a
compute cluster with 350 boxes) Our goal has always been to create a
unified environment which enables researchers to use their NFS mounted
home directory from everywhere and most of our systems are at openSUSE
11.2 or 11.3.

In general we really like Suse and have only 3 gripes:
SLES is too different from openSUSE (only small number of packages)
KDE support for encrypted wifi is insufficient (Gnome is only slighly better)
package names change too frequently (but I don't know that any other
Linux distro is doing a better job here)

I wanted to add that the infrastructure IT people i our organization
moved to CentOS after they found the package manager to be unworkable
in 10.1. (We found it pretty hard to swallow, too ....but we kept
going with Suse)

Im going to get this straight ;)

- 10.1 package manager is gone since several years, it is not an issue.
- openSUSE is what you make of it, if you want the distribution to suit
your environment, you can contribute, writting documentation, reporting
bugs and packaging the components you need.

Everything else is mumbo-jumbo, because it aint going to make the
situation any better.


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