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Re: [opensuse-factory] HAL and related
Am Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011, 18:51:32 schrieb Ilya Chernykh:
On Thursday 02 June 2011 20:34:23 Stephan Kulow wrote:
OK, we should carefuly differ between the situation we have now and we
had when KDE3 was dropped. Back then we have a KDE team that didn't want
to spend time in maintaining two sets of KDE and rather concentrate on
KDE4 and noone else wanted to maintain it.

Now, 3 openSUSE releases later, the situation is different. We have an
upstream project and openSUSE packagers that are willing to maintain
these sources. So I see no problem reviving the packages. Of course they
require major cleanup and whoever wants them in factory should really
give them some love - so far most of them are the same old 11.1 packages
with minimal patching. For one: I want to see unsermake gone in factory.

I think overwhelming majority of KDE3 packages in KDE:KDE3 do not use
unsermake. Maybe only 2 or 3.

Maybe 2 or 3? I count 98. That's what I meant with "same old 11.1 packages"

Greetings, Stephan

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