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Re: [opensuse-factory] HAL and related
On Thursday 02 June 2011 00:52:48 Kim Leyendecker wrote:

And then imagine these people who are using the KDE3 desktop and need to
get a fix _as_soon_as_possible_ because it´s security-related.
How will they get them whereas the maintainers *aren´t* there for fixing

To get a security fix there should not be just maintainers, but programmers,
not just programmers, but hi-class programmers. Even the authors of the code
may not be able to fix security issues in that code, it is not guaranteed

Anyway it is not a business of maintainers team, one have to contact to
upstream to get the security issues fixed, and nothing prevents anybody from
contacting the Trinity project and ask for security patches. Again, it is not
guaranteed that they will be able to quickly fix it just as with any

But note that to be able to fix security issues one have to discover such
issues. Do you know any unresolved security issues in KDE3? Without a problem
discussing solution is pointless.

I for instance know one issue in ksquirrel libs . This issue is currently can be
automatically detected by post-build-checks of OBS thus the package can only
built with the checks disabled. As the issue is not fixed so far, one can
just choose not to include ksquirrel-libs in openSUSE, it is not a very
important package.

I know you could say that about *every* piece of software, but
espacially when we talking about the desktop, the tool, where the user
interacts most with, we need to make sure, that the support is in a
professional way.

That doesn´t mean, that the hobby maintainers aren´t good or just too
busy at all, but the risk is there at anytime.

The KDE project itself says, that KDE 3.x is dead, and that you should
switch to KDE SC 4.x. From that point of view, it doesn´t make any sense
to support a dead platform.

That claim does not mean anything now because KDE3 has been already forked.
Yes their team does not support KDE3 any more but there are other teams, not
only in Trinity but also in other distributions (for example, Alt, Pardus
Corporate) who include and support KDE3.

_*But*_ there´s another view: These people
who aren´t happy about KDE4, but aren´t happy with LXDE, Xfce, GNOME and
whatever, can still use their desired desktop.

And there´s the Trinity project. Trinity delivers a KDE3-desktop in
still maintaining-mode, based on Qt4 now.

Wrong. Support for Qt4 is very limited now.

IMHO it makes much more sense
to switch to Trinity and *then* push it to factory.

What do you mean?

This will take indefinite amount of time because they are now in the midst of
transition to cmake build system. I also don't know if we have people
qualified enough to build Trinity for openSUSE in OBS.
Anyway Trinity is Ubuntu-centric project and in its shape as of now does not
provide any significant benefits compared with KDE3.5.10. Even the current
transition to cmake is being done because they had problems with building
with autotools under current Ubuntu, while we have no similar problems on
openSUSE currently.

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