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Re: [opensuse-factory] filesystem query
On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 11:41 AM, <doiggl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Which filesystems in opensuse 11.4 and later will handle these
requirements ?

1. -larger disk volumes i.e in the 2 to 3 Terabyte range.
2. -lots of files on the disk > 150,000+
3. -will handle a system restart when system stops responding [restart
with a power off/on]
4. -have a journalled file system recovery to ensure filesystem and files
are in a healthy state after a system freeze/reboot ?

What file systems does the build service use to handle the volumes of data
and load ?
Thanks Glenn

Those are pretty minimal requirements. It may be easier to list the
filesystems that don't do that. (FAT / ext2 / etc.)

Good old ext3 can do up to 8 TB. So if the above is the limit of your
desires, I'd probably stick with ext3.

Note, that you want filesystems and files to be in a good state after
a power issue. The most robust way to get that is to journal BOTH
filesystem metadata and file data. Ext3 can do that, but you need to
enable the mount flag for file data journalling. It will slow things
done some, but its a tradeoff you need to decide on.

Note, ext4 is where all current R&D is ongoing, so if you need to
scale up beyond the above, ext4 might be the place for you. Or xfs is
also good solid fs that a lot of people use to address the above.

I don't think either ext4 or xfs support file data journalling?

I use xfs on my fileservers as do a lot of others. But my choosing
xfs involved features not on your list, and I made that choice almost
10 years ago now, so my logic from back then no longer applies.

I have had a couple fs corruption issues in that time. (I've had 3
production fileservers in use continuously since 2004 or so. I keep
them on openSUSE, but typically a little behind the new releases. ie.
None are updated to 11.4 yet.)

Good Luck
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