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Re: [opensuse-factory] How to push GNOME 3 to Factory?
Le mardi 26 avril 2011, à 11:39 +0200, Jiri Slaby a écrit :
On 04/26/2011 10:39 AM, Vincent Untz wrote:
Today, hopefully, we'll finish the review of GNOME 3 packages for G:F.

Hi, will it be possible to use GNOME 2 after the push still? I tried
G3 last week and it is unusable crap from the point of usability
(not code quality).

No, GNOME 2 won't be available, but the fallback mode will still be
there. You can force it in the system settings. For more details, see!

All may be my failure to set that all up. But that's the problem of
the window manager if it cannot offer easy access to such settings,
not mine. To be explicit, for example absence of applets (CPU+net
monitor, status tray with all the programs hidden there like IM,
gmpc etc.) renders that 3 thing into something like twm. I was not
able to setup 2x2 desktops (instead of 1x4) or add a new panel (I
don't want a panel on the top of the screen and I don't want the
status messages appear in the middle of bottom where I have
terminals and every song switch hides the line I'm editing). I
couldn't add anything to the destkop. Maybe I should not use
gnome-shell, if it is possible at all? But that whole thing seems
not to be configurable at all.

Just answering to various of your points (not debating whether things
are better or worse):

- I'm still surprised nobody has written an extension for cpu+net
monitor yet. I'm sure this will come soon, though.
- status tray is there, at the bottom of the screen (move your mouse in
the lower right corner)
- indeed, it's not possible to setup 2x2 workspaces
- it's not possible to add a new panel or move the top panel
- you can add things to the desktop, but for that, you need to do the
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons true
(and possibly make nautilus start on login)

Not listing the idea of hiding all the settings away from user and
adding it back via the tweak tool (like to disable suspend when
closing the lid). That is idiocy per se. But this was
discussed/flamed several times already.

Do not do the same mistake like KDE 4.0 did when merged to distros
causing people to run away with scream.

FWIW, the next version of openSUSE will have GNOME 3.2, not 3.0. So a
lot of things will have changed, and various things annoying people
right now will be fixed.

If people want to maintain GNOME 2 in openSUSE, they're welcome to do so
but right now, the GNOME team doesn't have resources for that...


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