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Re: [opensuse-factory] mirrorbrain
On 2011/03/27 10:52 (GMT+0200) Lars Vogdt composed:

The problem with US is not only that we miss some powerful mirrors in
this region. We already discussed the possibility to have some "GeoIP
based servers" hosting - but until now, our
internet provider could not offer us some Nameservers that can handle
requests based on the GeoIP of the requester.

"Until now" suggests a very recent improvement. Is that what you meant, that now nameservers can handle GeoIP requests?

In a beautiful world, we would have:
a) DNS servers pointing users to their closest incarnation of
b) a lot of mirrors in the region which the redirector can redirect to

Is closer actually better? I tend to find a lot of differences in speed among various mirrors, which I ascribe more to throttling than to location. Some max out my available bandwidth, while many don't even come close, particularly,'s participants and those that cater to Windows users.

I'm in FL, and generally find some of the more well known western European mirrors to be the best performers, Eberhard Moenkeberg's among them. OTOH, I can't recall even average performance from any US university mirror, all of whom _seem_ to have low speed caps matching typically dismal US DSL throughput limits.

What _everyone_ can do is trying to find more mirrors in his own
region providing some of the openSUSE repositories and tell us about
them (admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx).

Any suggested URLs explaining generally how to go about finding "regional" mirrors? Does region generally refer to a continent? Country? Other?
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