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Re: [opensuse-factory] mirrorbrain
On 2011/03/26 10:48 (GMT) Tejas Guruswamy composed:

Mirrorbrain tries to prefer nearby mirrors. I think it's long been known
that openSUSE struggles a bit for good mirrors in the US, all the good
ones are in Europe.

Speaking of mirrors in US, IDSTR zypper providing info about which mirror is actually being connected to when it tells what it is connecting to or downloading from. Am I misremembering this?

The solution is not to blame mirrorbrain - which is great software IMO,
and prevents a lot of problems other organisations are always fighting
with* - but to adjust the mirror priorities (contact admins when you see
a poorly performing mirror), or even better, to get some more performant
US mirrors online.

Since it hides the actual server name, how does one discover the identity of the poor performer, or what "local" servers it has to choose from?

*Mirrorbrain does balancing the load across mirrors while giving users
only one url, ensuring only up-to-date verified files are served,
automatically providing metalink + torrent downloads of all files,
providing hashes, auto-generating up-to-date mirror lists (just append
"?mirrorlist" to any file URL). Also it can filter
and sort directory listings and do other clever things.

Is Mirrorbrain the same software used by I get similarly poor performance when I try to use it for more than examining directory listings in a web browser.

Does Novell have any download servers of its own located in the US?

FWIW, is the poorest overall performer of all the bugzillas I use more than a little, not even counting its too short login timeout and URL duplication doubling up my browser history. What is that GoAheadAndLogIn=1 URL component good for besides making multiple URLs for apparently identical content? None of,, mandriva, or find that necessary.
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