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[opensuse-factory] New libevent going to hit Factory soon
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I just prepared an update for libevent [1] from version 1.4.14b to 2.0.10.
This is a major step in the development of libevent and is considered API and ABI incompatible.

Whereas ABI is surely true (at least a rebuild against the new lib is requireed), there has been some effort by the upstream maintainers to keep a good bunch of the deprecated API around, even though it is highly discouraged to be used (after all, it IS deprecated).

I made a test run against the package sin Factory which I found to link against libevent (those being, as an exhaustive list: autofs, libmemcached, memcached, nfs-utils, ntop, php5, tmux, transmission). To check for eminent issues. Out of this list, only transmission failed to build, which in turn already has a new upstream version taking care of that (but no longer being compatible with the 'old' API).

All the others built just fine, making me assume that they already did take care of the new API in one way or the other (they certainly did have the time: alpha releases of libevent2 have been around since 2009-04-17, having the stable release in Dec 2010).

Nevertheless, It is well possible that I missed a package or two that would be depending on libevent, and surely there are more packages in OBS relying on it, which have not been tested.

Should your package fail to build, then an advised starting point to read up would be [2]. It can be as easy as just #including the old deprecated headers (*_compat) or, even better, move to the new API (the _compat headers all list why the API is 'bad' and what to use in place).

In the hopes we all won't have too much to suffer out of this switch, let's enjoy the sun!

Best regards,


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