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Re: [opensuse-factory] Can we see BTRFS as the default in the next version of openSUSE 11.5-12.0
  • From: todd rme <toddrme2178@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 17:46:59 -0400
  • Message-id: <>
On Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Stefan Seyfried
<stefan.seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, 19 Mar 2011 22:23:16 +0100
Kim Leyendecker <kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am 19.03.2011 22:06, schrieb Stefan Seyfried:
I would like to know how you manage to trash your installation so that a
rollback to a previous snapshot is the only solution to recover.
I´ve got my whole personal data on a external harddisk, on my
workstation is "just" the operating system. So, when the system was
crashed (A time, during a kernel upgrade my whole machine shuts down and
I can´t start my system or something like this (don´t know really)) I
installed it new.

And how would you resolve this with btrfs, if the box does not boot
anymore after a crash during updating the kernel? You were not able to
resolve the issue with ext*, you will not be able to do it with btrfs.

I'm not arguing that all the btrfs features are useless, and stuff like
subvolumes (that Jeff mentioned) and snapshots are genuinely useful, I
agree, but we need to make sure that plain default users, who are not able
to use any of the benefits of btrfs anyway because there will be no nice
frontends for them are not suffering from something less stable than the
current default fs.

Advanced users will be able to select their fs. One could even think about
some dialog like the desktop selection for the filesystem, but with IMVHO
ext4 should be the preselected default. For now.

I don't think anyone is suggesting we make it a default until it is
considered stable enough for ordinary users. I haven't seen anyone
here propose that we should let ordinary users suffer at the expense
of advanced users.

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