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Re: [opensuse-factory] kernel for 11.4
On 2011/03/15 07:58 (GMT-0700) Greg KH composed:

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 10:47:05AM -0400, Felix Miata wrote:

>or openSUSE:Tumbleweed repositories.

Tumbleweed still seems to still have kinks to be worked out,
generally, and due to 11.3 to 11.4 base switch, so I've only one of
those enabled as yet.

What specifically do you feel are the "kinks to be worked out"?

A round tuit shortage has kept me from being up to speed on its status, maybe there are no kinks, at least none bigger than blips, except...

I have not heard any problems with the current Tumbleweed repo and so
far do not have any plans to change the way it works as there are no

What needs to happen before you feel comfortable using it?

First I have to decide there's more to be gained that lost by replacing 11.2 with 11.4, and I haven't reached that point yet. What's worse, suspecting excess optimism on transitioning to systemd from sysvinit in a single devel cycle, I fear releasenext will be worse than 9.1, 10.1 & 10.3 were combined, and make post-11.4 Tumbleweed a new habit maybe better avoided.

For me to get to 11.4 for a production box in the first place:

1-KDE3 has to work. I haven't tried KDE3 on any 11.4 system yet myself. I saw reports lately of significant missing function, but no reports of resolution, while KDE 4.6 continues to omit at least one function I refuse to live without and has several annoyances I'd rather live without

2-Round tuit shortage has kept me from fully testing for retained ability to run different resolutions on :0 than on :1 and/or :2 using a single display. KMS has confounded the X/xrandr overhaul begun almost 3 years ago, which I avoid for a while longer if sticking to 11.2.

3-Unless gets fixed before I decide to decide, I'll be forced to use a vanilla kernel, but as yet I've found no summary of pros and cons of vanilla vs. release kernel.

4-the backup to my main production box on RAID1 with 11.4 release kernel is not shutting down reliably, mirroring reports I've seen of such trouble by others

5-nfs output from mount command no longer fits on one 128 character line

6-I'm not yet convinced is gone

The only thing I actually expect to gain from 11.4, besides extended "support" life, is reliably working sound in 11.0 broke in 11.2, and I expect 11.4 to fix that. As bad as 11.4 looks to me based on the above list, releasenext looks uninviting, requiring significant learning of new ways to do things that have just worked since the beginning of my Linux experience under sysvinit; which means I'll need to goto 11.4 at some point probably before releasenext goes GA, and maybe better sooner than later.
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