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Re: [opensuse-factory] Can we see BTRFS as the default in the next version of openSUSE 11.5-12.0
On 03/14/2011 12:12 PM, Jeff Mahoney wrote:
On 03/14/2011 11:51 AM, Joerg Schilling wrote:
Sid Boyce <sboyce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Going back quite a while there was an article comparing ZFS and BTRFS.
When mature BTRFS seems a better way to go.
It was saiway back that Linus was using BTRFS as his root filesystem. I
have ha it as a backup of my systems for a long time. On the Beagleboard
(ARM) I shall be using it tomorrow as my root filesystem on Ubuntu ARM -
as usual, while I was out today, the postman left a note to say he
couldn't deliver my new 32Gig micro SD card I need to try it out.

Did you look at: "";?

That article, especially the title, is just sensationalism. Edward's
observations missed that btrfs does internal metadata duplication, so
his numbers are off. He also points to a broken design as the root
problem when, in fact, the issues he brought up were implementation
issues. Edward, at the time, was also still actively working on reiser4
so I wouldn't discount the sour grapes effect[1].

I agree. It is sour grapes.

It turns out that the two issues he mentioned, Fragmentation when using
inline extents and Nearly empty nodes littering the file system are both
implementation issues. The first is a feature that Chris thought the
cost:benefit was too low to work on. The second was a bug in merging
items. BTW, the wasted space issue is specious. There are workarounds to
avoid the inline extent issue if you care about it. Yes, reiser[34] are
exceptional at reducing wasted space with packed tails and packing items
in well, but file systems are allowed to have different priorities. Not
following reiser[34]'s priorities doesn't make it a design flaw. Other
file systems waste loads of space in different ways.

A lot of those issues have already been addressed or will be this year.
Including a fsck tool and defrag.


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