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Re: [opensuse-factory] Grub menu.lst changes on kernel update

Am 14.03.11 13:00, schrieb Josef Reidinger:
Joachim Reichelt write:
Am 14.03.11 11:28, schrieb Felix Miata:
On 2011/03/14 10:59 (GMT+0100) Joachim Reichelt composed:

wouldn't it be nice to keep options, I have to add to menu.lst, to make
the system to boot up.
Using nvidia driver I changed:
It whould help a lot during update on "broken" system, especially
systems that otherwise will give only a black screen.
Why not put this in /etc/sysconfig/grub ?
Because it would replicate /etc/sysconfig/bootloader? Not everyone uses
Thanks for the hint!
so I have to add this to

I didn't see it.
Interesting. For this purpose I add quite big note on top of menu.lst ( or
other boot config depends on your bootloader). Do you have idea how to make
it more visible?

The line is there!!!
Would it be a big deal, to add one option to this file as e.g.
LOACL_APPEND to append this to all kernel entries?
Joachim Reichelt

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