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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bugs in 11.4
Le lundi 14 mars 2011, à 14:08 +0300, Ilya Chernykh a écrit :
On Monday 14 March 2011 11:42:07 C wrote:

Don't you know what is with Gnome's menus? I have only one
level of folding after update which creates mess :-(.

Yes, that's a design decision of the GNOME team. For years, we've been
unhappy with the deep-nested menus we had and wanted a menu structure
similar to the one from upstream.

FWIW, you can change this by unsetting the XDG_MENU_PREFIX environment
variable -- this is being set in /usr/bin/gnome.

Just an additional comment to this... other Gnome-centric distros (I'm
thinking of Ubuntu here) are also one level only in the Gnome menus.

One person's mess is another person's good thing :-)

If this is done to be similar to Ubuntu, then it makes little sense: Ubuntu
made many bad UI decisions which forced me to change the distro.

As you know in Windows the applications menu is not categorized, and this is
not its advantage, it is their problem: with all entries put in one place you
need to scroll much (in Windows they have scrollbars, in Gnome there is
none), menu search etc.

Probably this change was made to copy Windows behavior in Windows 7 but one
should take into account that one menu for all apps with scrolling for
Windows was a forced solution because they unlike Linux have no menu
categories. It is unreasonable to blindly copy anything.

In my first mail, I said "we wanted a menu structure similar to the one
from upstream" (see quote above). This has nothing to do with Ubuntu,
Windows, or whatever.


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