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Re: [opensuse-factory] partition identification (was: 11.5 vs. 12.0)
On 2011/03/14 09:24 (GMT-0700) Thomas Taylor composed:

Le 12/03/2011 07:58, Thomas Taylor a écrit :

> If you get rid of /dev/disk/by-id, How can you identify a partition in
> event of a partition table failure?

I always save a backup before any update/install including drive info. How do
you ghost a backup that only has uuids when replacing a defective drive (I.E.
how do you transfer the uuids which will be different on the new drive)?

For several years now we've had the choice of 5 ways to refer to a partition (listed in order of average length):

1-device name

The middle 3 typically cause lines too long to fit on one line in menu.lst and fstab, and regardless of fit, are immemorable, so I never use them if I can help it. The first is unreliable, which is why the others were created. That leaves #5 as both memorably short (in optional form at least), and reliable, and what I select during installation as long as not using RAID.

The shorter fstab syntax you can substitute for cmdline, instead of


takes the following form


Since you get to pick your own memorable partition names, why in either menu.lst or fstab use anything else? You can even use labels with swap partitions, by recreating them using the -L switch, same as when using mkfs.
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