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Re: [opensuse-factory] 11.5 vs. 12.0
On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 08:02:21 +0100
jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Le 12/03/2011 07:58, Thomas Taylor a écrit :

If you get rid of /dev/disk/by-id, How can you identify a partition in
event of a partition table failure?

the partition number is still part of the name

Not on my install (11.4 from scratch) unless I modify /etc/fstab
and /boot/grub/menu.lst as shown in the attached screenshots. The only
partition number in either one are what I have added, not by the installer
which ONLY shows uuids, not partition numbers.

Also, if you have a drive failure and have to restore from a backup (disk
image), how are you going to partition a new disk which will have different

if you don't have a "fdisk -l" hard copy, you are in trouble for
recovery of the same disk. For an other disk the partitionning have no
meaning (only the mount points have)

or may be I don't understand the point


I always save a backup before any update/install including drive info. How do
you ghost a backup that only has uuids when replacing a defective drive (I.E.
how do you transfer the uuids which will be different on the new drive)?


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