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Re: [opensuse-factory] 11.5 vs. 12.0
Am 11.03.2011 19:47, schrieb Vincent Untz:
SLE doesn't have the latest GNOME 2.x, so it'd be hard to share fixes, I

But I'll again point out that it's possible to make GNOME 3 feel like
GNOME 2 -- ie, to not use GNOME Shell. The fallback mode of GNOME 3 is
extremely similar to GNOME 2, with most of the same code.
So, there have to be the old libraries, or not? I mean, GNOME 2.x uses other libraries and an other API then GNOME 3.0 and the old stuff has to be installed before you use GNOME 3 with GNOME 2 fallback, or not?

By the way, I think we´ve got a large community. Maybe there is somebody with a SUSE Studio account who says: "Yeah, I don´t like GNOME 3, I don´t wanna hear something about GNOME 3, KDE is stupid and GNOME 2.x rocks my PC and rules." This person will create an appliance in Studio that based on 11.4 or 11.5 with GNOME 2 instead of GNOME 3 or KDE4. So we just need to work a little bit on this appliance and publish it as a community version so we have GNOME 2 already with the 11.4 successor.

The bad and difficuilt thing about this solution is support.

In the end I have to say, that I think nobody will stop you when you want to package and maintain GNOME 2.x if you have fun with it. So everybody who wants, just go for it and contribute to the GNOME team.
Also, the next version of openSUSE will use GNOME 3.2, not 3.0, which
will accumulate many improvements over 3.0.

Hm, I don´t know how long it takes till GNOME 3 will be stable (look @KDE4). When GNOME 3.2 is rocking solid, Nobody will scream for GNOME 2.x :)


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