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[opensuse-factory] Packaging confusion

Hi all!

I'm a happy oS 11.3 user and package software for oS on which I work on
my spare time. This worked quite well in the past and I successfully saw
my packages (amongst them the monotone package) built and published in
the common repositories through the buildservice.

However, since the release of 11.4 and advent of the new Tumbleweed
repository I must say I am slightly confused. I tried to check if my
package is somehow actually shipped with oS 11.4 through, but instead of finding links to the 11.4
standard repository, all I found were links to individual projects, in
my case devel:tools:scm (heck, even for "popular" packages like
MozillaThunderbird I was unable to find a reference to a "standard"

So all this bears the following questions to me - keep in mind that I
haven't yet switched to 11.4:

1) What standard repositories are accessible from a fresh 11.4
installation, i.e. will a user be able to quickly install a package he
is missing from a base installation like monotone without the additional
step of adding the devel:tools:scm repo to his list of repositories? Is
the Tumbleweed repository one of the default repositories in 11.4?

2) Where am I supposed to submit-request package updates and new
packages to in the future? openSUSE:Factory and / or openSUSE:Tumbleweed?

3) What packages are accepted in the Tumbleweed repository? I quickly
skimmed over the repo and saw that it only contains a very small set of
packages - is this open for everybody or does there have to be some
consent that a package is picked for inclusion here?

Thanks in advance for your answers and keep up the good work.

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