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Re: [opensuse-factory] work for the future: why do you still use Windows

On Monday 07 Mar 2011 20:13:14 Larry Finger wrote:
On 03/07/2011 01:45 PM, Stuart Tanner wrote:
My other gripe is WIFI.

Twice this week I have installed openSUSE on new laptop's and the wifi
doesn't work one didn't work on 11.3, but did work on 11.4 (but you have
to install kernel-firmware). How are you supposed to install
kernel-firmware without wifi in the first place - not everybody has a
cable connection, some people have such things as mobile broadband only
and use MyFi devices) yes we say download it on another machine and rpm
-i kernel-firmware.x.rpm but still with the retail version can't they
put selected packman or non-oss rpm's on a non-oss dvd this would make
it much more usable?

Last week was a Broadcom BCM4313, this week its a Realtek RTL8191SE.

Maybe as we reach the end of a distribution its new hardware that hasn't
been tested, but in order to make the distribution sucssed we really
need to get everything working out of the box. Including WIFI.

A lot of us are working very hard to make that true for wifi.

Without network, you must have installed from DVD. Surely, there is a
linux-firmware package on that medium. Perhaps Broadcom's unfortunate name
change for the 4313 firmware meant that the package was too old. If so,
that is unfortunate.

I installed from KDE LiveCD and I am not sure if the kernel-firmware was
included but after installing kernel firmware the bcm4313 machine refused to
dns lookup websites, I was informed the network I was connected to was
suffering from problems, so I connected to the cloud but couldn't open the
login page.

Is there a driver in the kernel for that RTL8191SE? I'm in the process of
submitting one for the RTL8192SE that handles some of the 8191SE
variations. What is the PCI ID for that card?

The RTIL8191SE is not supported by the kernel, as far as I know from searching
online you need to make install the Realtek driver but having installed kernel
source, make gcc etc via ethernet it still refused to compile. Is your driver
ready for beta testing I would like to test your rpm.

Today I would say I tested 11.4 RC2 on a laptop with an Intel based wireless
chipset and I am happy to report it worked out of the box. I demonstrated it
was possible to setup an FTP Server in under 5 minutes from a LiveCD without
issues the best hardware profile I have used all week.


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