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Re: [opensuse-factory] 11.5 vs. 12.0
On 2011/03/07 20:42 (GMT+0100) Kim Leyendecker composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2011/03/07 20:06 (GMT+0100) Kim Leyendecker composed:

but the major.minor scheme rests for ever..... (remember 10483.4 is

I don't understand this response.

Hm okay.... You said that we have to change the year scheme when a new
century starts, right? But the jaor minor scheme you havenĀ“t to change
with a new century, understand? :)

In my proposal there is no . minor after 11.5 GA. In computing the dots in versions are confusing to mere mortal users, looking like decimals, where .10 is considerably smaller, which alludes to older, than .9.

I expect by next century the whole paradigm of any open source personal computer Linux OS will have been subsumed or displaced by some as yet unknown technology, or at the least a rolling release system akin to what Evergreen or Tumbleweed are trying to be now.
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