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Re: [opensuse-factory] work for the future: why do you still use Windows
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On 03/07/2011 02:34 PM, jdd wrote:
Le 07/03/2011 22:21, Ilya Chernykh a écrit :

I have an old winmodem not working in Linux. It there a chance that it is
working if I make a bugreport? Note that the production stopped about 10
years ago and the manufacturer did not disclose the specifications.

yes, this is a very good question. We had long time ago a discussion
about for how long a time a hardware have to be supported. ATM nobody
wanted to make a hard limit. May be we should say: "no harware older
than 10 years" will ever be supported, if it works, so good, if it
don't work change it.

this can be rude, but it's clear. I would support such thing.

bugzilla use:

* is it usefull to report a bug for the previous (supported) version,
id it's not a security bug - (11.2)?

No, considering that 11.2 is only supported for security/crash/data
corruption. Chances are the first question asked will be, "can you
reproduce on 11.3/11.4/Factory?" This isn't because we're lazy, it's
because we probably can't reproduce your problem and it's pointless to
go through all the steps of debugging it if it's already been fixed.

* what is the manpower to give to the present version (now 11.3, next
week 11.4) and what part to give to the future (factory)?

As usual, that's up to the individual developer.

* how many bugs are not fixed yet, and if the answer is bigger than a
handfull, why ask for more?

Because that statement assumes that all bug reports are created equal,
and they're not. A commonly encountered boot-crash issue will take
priority over others. The GP's issue regarding an undocumented
ten-year-old winmodem will obviously be extremely low priority.

Even if a particular issue can't be addressed in a given release, it's
useful to track it anyway. The openSUSE developer community is part of a
much larger open source development community. Version updates between
releases can incorporate fixes that didn't make it into the prior
release and, I'd imagine, only a few of us actually have the time to
actively track these.

- -Jeff

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