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Re: [opensuse-factory] work for the future: why do you still use Windows
Le 07/03/2011 23:30, Eberhard Moenkeberg a écrit :

if so, there is a problem and you can't do anything as a developper to
fix this one, I'm pretty sure you have little time left :-).

You see. At least are you telling it.
Try to understand the bugzilla role and it's exclusivity for those that
like to bring in a bug with the goal of getting rid of it.

nobody will even try if the distro is not the very last, because
nobody cares (try 11.4, I was said).

Again, I don't blame anybody (and specially not you :-)

I spent my time recently making doc and video tutorials. I spent more
than a full week (fulltime) to try any openSUSE linear editor and none
could work more than 10 minutes (I was not able to make Blender work
at all, but this is because the lack of documentation)

so I had to revert to my proprietary application. It's not a matter of
obscure bug, here, it's a matter of an application that saves a
project with some data and load the same project next day with other
data... and when 11.4 worked on VirtualBox, that is only with RC2, I
had little time to make bugreports and have them solved :-(

I simply made the conclusion that there is not enough manpower on this
project and that we could help. But I don't want to push only my
interest, but to have a project goal. If my editor is only the project
for the other next year, no problem. But I would like to know.

and I think I wont answer anymore. This is not a discussion I want to
have me alone against everybody. I don't mind to have my bugs fixed. I
mind we have a project with a clear goal.


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