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Re: [opensuse-factory] work for the future: why do you still use Windows
Le 07/03/2011 22:52, Greg KH a écrit :

show me yours video tutorials...

Oh, I like these types of arguments:

(sorry, couldn't resist...)

But I suspect it's not you that made the video :-)

For now, I try to make things clearer, not to make bugs fixed.

I don't understand why, each time somebody notes a problem, there is
one to ask if the bug was reported.

There are probably too many bugs reported, if I see that not all are

if so, there is a problem and you can't do anything as a developper to
fix this one, I'm pretty sure you have little time left :-).

The discussion about openSUSE goals was never ending, but for a large
part it was sure we can do nearly anything well. Henne FOSDEM report
makes sure the openSUSE developpers are very good indeed, congratulations!

But that don't mean we don't want to have priorities and primary goals.

I tried to show some.

* we don't have a linear video editor. There are so many good and
cheap proprietary ones that it's clear there is a public for it (and
camcorders a more and more cheap nowaday, even cell phones can do nice
HD videos), so this could be a priority;

* we can't view correctly slideshows spreading the web. It's not our
fault, but Msoft one, but we can make it a priority

* somebody needs onenote, may be this can be a priority?

Some problems can be seen early. Drop a live dvd on your drive and
control what works (may be we could make some utility to makes it easy
to scan all the bits and pieces that works or don't, now the hardware
report is pretty unfriendly). If some part of the computer don't work
out of the box, at worst we can keep windows... eventually dualbooting.

But if, after installation, I notice something don't go, it's much
worst. Lack of video tool, problem seeing some document (not only
slideshow), may make somebody the shift from openSUSE back to windows
and *this* is dangerous, because he wont come back. May be we should
help more libreoffice...

Anyway, having clear, community driven priorities should be good.


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