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Re: [opensuse-factory] work for the future: why do you still use Windows
Le 07/03/2011 22:21, Ilya Chernykh a écrit :

I have an old winmodem not working in Linux. It there a chance that it is
working if I make a bugreport? Note that the production stopped about 10
years ago and the manufacturer did not disclose the specifications.

yes, this is a very good question. We had long time ago a discussion
about for how long a time a hardware have to be supported. ATM nobody
wanted to make a hard limit. May be we should say: "no harware older
than 10 years" will ever be supported, if it works, so good, if it
don't work change it.

this can be rude, but it's clear. I would support such thing.

bugzilla use:

* is it usefull to report a bug for the previous (supported) version,
id it's not a security bug - (11.2)?

* what is the manpower to give to the present version (now 11.3, next
week 11.4) and what part to give to the future (factory)?

* how many bugs are not fixed yet, and if the answer is bigger than a
handfull, why ask for more?

May be it could be usefull to have a clear answer (we all, openSUSE
community) of what we need on the subject.


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