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Re: [opensuse-factory] work for the future: why do you still use Windows
On Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 08:03:33PM +0100, jdd wrote:
Le 07/03/2011 19:45, Greg KH a écrit :

What USB hardware does not work on Linux today? I have a bunch of USB
devices that don't work on Windows, should that be an issue the other
way around?

are you kidding?

can you quote me *any car GPS that works (update) on Linux? Garmin
(tomtom), Alerte GPS (, navigon?
Can I use my Iphone or my Nokia or my Samsung cell phone?

Yes to all of those :)

I have used Garmin devices on Linux, and lots of people use Tomtom
devices with Linux, and the same for nokia and samsung phones.

Specifics please.

I don't say it's Linux fault, of course. But I still have to keep
Winwods for that (and even under VirtualBox, not all works)

any and every USB box have a cd with windows drivers (I don't speak
about older devices, but I have a list of windows printers I have near
me (LBP-800 laser)

Printers are totally different things, they are userspace programs and
are not "usb drivers" at all. See the linuxprinting project for what
you can do to help them out to solve this problem for your device.

Heck, we support USB 3.0 on Linux, while no other operating system does,
is that a problem?

yes, right now there are no USB3 devices :-))

The pile of them on my desk that I have purchased from stores would beg
to differ...

Again, specifics are important here, broad general statements like this
fate entry will get no where as they are impossible to address.

We have to open the question. I'm willing to help, that is give as
many infos I have, but I'm not a developper. I also know that the
linux kernel is said to support each and any hardware (I always wonder
in what world live some kernel developpers)

I wonder what world users live in where they don't report problems and
yet expect them to still get resolved :)

Please file individual bugs for your unworking hardware and we will work
to resolve it.


greg k-h
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