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[opensuse-factory] KDE unusable with dual-monitor setup

since opensuse 11.3 automatic switching my dual monitor setup to side-by-side on KDE startup no longer works for me. The workaround was to manually switch after each KDE startup using krandrtray.

This has been annoying with 11.3, but with 11.4 things have become worse:
The current plasma-desktop obviously assumes side-by-side arrangement of monitors has been set up properly and as a consequence applies desktop backgrounds in an insane way:

After start of KDE session I observe one of two effects. Either

1) one of the background images is always on top on both monitors in a way that no application window is visible except of shortly flickering up when doing Alt-Tab (that't how I discovered that app windows while not visible are existing).

In this situation the desktop is effectively unusable.

2) plasma-desktop arranges backgrounds of both monitors as single background image on one monitor where the width of the left image is horizontally sqeezed to less then 10% so that there is enough space for the right background image. This shows up mirrored on both monitors.

Until now I believed that this may be a problem may be related to my graphics hardware (older Radeon X1300).

But now I discovered the same behaviours on an notebook with recent intel core-i3 integrated graphics.

So I looks like that this is a major distribution or KDE problem.

Is there a known way to fix the dual monitor setup?



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