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Re: [opensuse-factory] Query about using the using the test harness
Hello Bernhard
Some progress made.
Here is a script [1] which does the following
-Checks the obs build log for a rpm package
-Retrieves rpm to the /tmp/ directory.

The next bit I am unsure how to script with using the openqa
-boot to a termial
- run command to install following rpms sourced from [2] use rpm -ivhU

- after that reboot to new kernel
- start terminal
- run command to mount disk and format it using following commands

# mkfs.reiser4 -o create=ccreg40,compress=lzo1 /dev/sdX -fy
# fsck.reiser4 --fix /dev/sdX -y
# mkdir /reiser4
# mount -t reiser4 /dev/sdX /reiser4

# manually added reiser4 filesystem to /etc/fstab
/dev/sdX /reiser4 reiser4 defaults 0 0

- Reboot and select new kernel
- open terminal and copy some files to new filesystem
Thanks for the assistance

# cat ./

cd /tmp
# example how to list log
# osc rbl home:doiggl kernel-vanilla openSUSE_11.3 x86_64 > $buildlog

echo "## please wait while extracting build log from obs and finding
built .rpm (if any) from build log"
echo "## running process osc rbl home:$id $packagename $distribution
$platform - results in $buildlog "

osc rbl home:$id $packagename $distribution $platform >$buildlog
echo "$RETVAL"
if [ "$RETVAL" -eq "0" ]
echo "## found log now searching for any built .rpms"
tail -4 $buildlog | head -1 > $filelist
/usr/bin/wget -c $fileremote
if [ "$RETVAL" -eq "0" ]
echo "wget ok on $fileremote"
echo "file is: /tmp/`cat $filelist`"
echo "return code: $RETVAL "
echo "## wget failed on $fileremote"
echo $RETVAL
exit $RETVAL
echo "## no buildlog found"
exit 2
echo "## process finished..."


On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 15:01:49 +0100, "Bernhard M. Wiedemann"
<bernhardout@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Glenn,

this is a nice testing proposal and I think, that can be run regularly
Since creating & maintaining such a test can be quite some work, I would
appreciate it, if you could provide a few simple scripts
(bash/perl/ruby), that would do the building/running/checking and report
failure or success either as a simple text message or via return code.

I did one such test-script at

This design has the advantage that tests can also easily be run
standalone on any installation.
I can then add just the glue for openQA testing, which looks like this:

Bernhard M.

P.S. you should not use the reply button when you want to start a
completely different topic, because your mail-client will include a
"References" header so that other mail clients will include your message
in the wrong thread.

Am 19.01.2011 14:21, schrieb doiggl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
Hello Bernhard
First thanks for the qa test harness that checks iso installs of

I am writing so see if this is is possible with the qa system.
Thanks for advice on this.
The qa system would prove good value for testing the following.
Cheers Glenn

The request involves testing a built kernel {Im in the process of
the kernel}.
The steps would be something like this sequence of steps.
The check would run say 2 times a day.
- Check the Kernel built ok [1] by searching for the string in the log
"build: extracting built packages..."
- If search {"build: extracting built packages..."} found
continue,else stop.
- copy the built kernel from obs project to qa test area.
- Boot the built kernel - Check booted ok

- Next open a terminal session - Check terminal session opened ok and
a sequence of commands at a prompt
# modprobe -v reiser4 see output[2]
# echo next allocate some unused disk to reiser4 partition
# mkfs.reiser4 -o create=ccreg40,compress=lzo1 /dev/sdb -fy
# echo check the super block see output[3]
# fsck.reiser4 --fix /dev/sdb -y
# echo mount reiser4 partition on /media/disk
# mkdir /media
# mkdir /media/disk
# mount -t reiser4 /dev/sdb /media/disk
# cd /media/disk
# echo untar a sample kernel
# time tar -jxvf /tmp/linux-
# echo remove unpacked files
# time rm -rf linux-
# echo unmount reiser4 partition
# cd /
# unmount /media/disk
# echo "*finished*"
# exit

Example of build kernel location it will change at a future date.


insmod /lib/modules/
insmod /lib/modules/

This is an EXPERIMENTAL version of fsck.reiser4. Read README first.

Fscking the /dev/sdb block device.

Will fix minor corruptions of the Reiser4 SuperBlock.

Will fix minor corruptions of the Reiser4 FileSystem.

***** fsck.reiser4 started at Mon Dec 27 16:04:57 2010
Reiser4 fs was detected on /dev/sdb.

Master super block (16):
magic: ReIsEr4
blksize: 4096
format: 0x0 (format40)
uuid: 5602fc26-41a7-4361-b3a7-39a673679f80
label: <none>

Format super block (17):
plugin: format40
description: Disk-format plugin.
version: 0
magic: ReIsEr40FoRmAt
mkfs id: 0x62e55157
flushes: 0
blocks: 244190640
free blocks: 244183135
root block: 23
tail policy: 0x2 (smart)
next oid: 0x10000
file count: 1
tree height: 2
key policy: LARGE


Read nodes 2

Nodes left in the tree 2
Leaves of them 1, Twigs of them 1
Time interval: Mon Dec 27 16:05:52 2010 - Mon Dec 27 16:05:52


Read twigs 1

Time interval: Mon Dec 27 16:05:52 2010 - Mon Dec 27 16:05:53


Found 1 objects (some could be encountered more then once).

Time interval: Mon Dec 27 16:05:53 2010 - Mon Dec 27 16:05:53

***** fsck.reiser4 finished at Mon Dec 27 16:05:53 2010
Closing fs...done

FS is consistent.

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