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Re: [opensuse-factory] Nvidia, Tumbleweed and UDBA (Universal Driver Build Assistant)
On 01/16/2011 01:16 AM, Boris Manojlovic wrote:
Dear all,

What is UDBA:
UDBA is my project which should help all users that are using
Tumbleweed as updates source and are missing binary driver packages
for some of non free packages as for instance nvidia-gfx.
As all non free driver packages are prepared on OBS repositories it is
easy for advanced users to build binary packages from them using osc
util locally.
But regular users are left behind and waiting for regular release
cycles of openSUSE which really is unacceptable from user using
Tumbleweed repo.
So there is where my project (from this moment simply called UDBA)
comes in. It is front end for standard rpmbuild process that users are
probably not willing to use (or I'm probably wrong :) ).
UDBA is build on YaST framework and as such have frontends for Qt, GTK
and curses by default. Probably webyast would work too but i didn't
had time nor need for this to test.

Where to download it from:
To test it please download it from my home repo

Needed packages:
udba-nvidia-gfxG02 (for nvidia and tested to be working)

How to use it:
open YaST -> Miscellaneous -> UDBA and look at screen shots bellow.
It will ask you to install required packages needed for building rpms

What is result of it:
Curses UI can be seen on screen shots at:
and generated files from my machine are:



Where to find source:
This project is VERY much work in progress.
Source code can be found on github at:

In any case, I found that really useful (as it's not tomorrow, we can live
without prop blob)

Too many to count or show them here...
Not working for any packages currently except video drivers as it is
hardcoded in /usr/lib/udba/bin/udba-builder script...

That a start ...

Unfortunately current ati-fglrxG02 is not building with 2.6.37 kernel
so I'm sorry ati users.
(It does build
user space package tho)

They will certainly push a new driver release during january, or beginning of


So I will start to use that and the yast2 udba to check what a user can do with
that .
And so you will have to patch :-)


Bruno Friedmann (irc:tigerfoot)
Ioda-Net Sàrl
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