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Re: [opensuse-factory] lcms2 in multimedia:libs to Factory
  • From: Dave Plater <davejplater@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 09:44:25 +0200
  • Message-id: <4CB411D9.6040004@xxxxxxxxx>
On 10/11/2010 03:17 PM, Peter Linnell wrote:
Hi Dave,

On 10/10/10 8:37 AM, Dave Plater wrote:
On 10/09/2010 09:10 PM, Peter Linnell wrote:

Short answer: Not at all. Major desktop apps like GIMP, Inkscape,
Digikam and KDE4 all require or can optionally use lcms1. I do not
foresee all of them switching to lcms2 before 11.4. THe code delta to
support lcms2 vs lcms1 is not large for an app using lcms, but I am
not sure all these apps can take advantage of the new lcms2 features,
except maybe speed.

In Scribus, the next stable version under current development can use
either as a compile time option currently, but I suspect we will
require lcms2 before we release 1.4. (We means, yes I am upstream.)

Longer answer:

First, Marti Maria he developer is a great guy and a good example of
how to develop/maintain a low level library aka distro friendly. He is
security minded and very attentive to bug reports and sensible feature
requests. There is a lot of error code handling in lcms in general to
prevent memory overflows or crashes, especially when handling
malformed or non spec compliant icc profiles.

Second, lcms1 is based on ICC ISO V2. lcms2 supports all of ICC 4,
plus some extensions. So, there are definite API changes.

Marti has very carefully coded lcms2 to make it parallel installable
on all platforms. He has specifically mentioned this on the lcms list.
Moreover, if someone found a serious flaw in lcms1, I am sure a fix
would come out rapidly. So, for the time frame of 11.4, shipping both
versions is not an issue.

I hope the above explains enough detail why this will need to be until
the release after next.



I just hate parallel versions of libs from a maintenance point of view,
when there's the convenience of the old library being available the
switch to the new one usually happens when a delete request is made for
old. I wouldn't have noticed anything if the submit request wasn't made
from lcms2 to lcms, I eventually revoked it when I saw lcms2's includes
were all named lcms2 because it will definitely cause lots of build

Here, I am not clear why this would happen. lcms1 = lcms.h lcms2 =
lcms2.h. Reading the docs, tells me you only need lcms2.h - only one

One thing I don't agree with is naming the library liblcms2-2
and liblcms2-2-devel do you mind if I change it to liblcms2, the old
lcms version is liblcms1. If you supply the message as per :

I'll be happy to submit it.
Dave P

I left the library naming as-is, because it was originally packaged by
Adrian and I expect he knows what he is doing there. ;) I do not care,
I was just trying to follow what was done previously.

Anyways, if someone insists, I will change the naming, but no matter
what, we should get this in the queue for factory.


Submission of a new package needs a presentation message to go with the
submission as per :

If you will forward that to me I'll submit it, I don't have time I'm
fighting with blender-2.54 atm.
The message to factory list for the new package is taken care of so far.
Dave P
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