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Re: [opensuse-factory] Factory install report
  • From: "Bernhard M. Wiedemann" <susefactory@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 06:30:31 +0200
  • Message-id: <20100516043031.GA11248@xxxxxx>
yet another installability report

yesterdays overall score: 5.7/6
todays overall score: 3.7/6

openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-i686-Build0602-Media.iso and
openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-i686-Build0603-Media.iso failed to boot into installer
("failed to detect CD") on 5 of 6 tries, but liveCD worked afterwards

openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-x86_64-Build0603-Media.iso was still working. I also
could reproduce this on 1/3 tries on openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-i686-Build0577

Was also able to reproduce this on physical hardware (Phenom X4 with USB-stick)
by selecting install and giving nohz=off maxcpus=1 at 800x600 (adding mem=700M
or mem=1024M appeared to increased probability of failure)

Then I saw this morning "YaST was unable to find the correct control file. We
are using a fallback one. This should not happen and is worth reporting a bug."
Even when I used as source.
This is probably just temporary.

I dropped the -smp 4 parameter to kvm, increasing overall reliability and
reproducibility a lot. Nearly any install works now or at least fails the same
way on every try.

added some application testing.
this includes a test for MS6-bug (yast2 lan) which shows that
the fix still has not propagated to Factory isos since 2010-04-30
Testing code also now exercises reboot and shutdown.

added more data to autoinst log: statuser and statsystem, giving the seconds
spent by KVM in user-mode or system-mode. While some of this load is
contributed by the screenshots taken during my tests and values vary by about
20 between identical runs, it should allow to notice major performance
regressions (such as could be caused by some busy looping background process).

It also allows for comparison between different methods:
openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-i686-Build0600: statuser=405.34 statsystem=22.9
openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-x86_64-Build0603: statuser=355.43 statsystem=23.64
openSUSE-KDE-LiveCD-i686-Build0603: statuser=325.76 statsystem=18.7
openSUSE-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64-Build0603: statuser=331.39 statsystem=24.32
openSUSE-NET-i586-Build0604: statuser=1011.36 statsystem=58.58
openSUSE-NET-x86_64-Build0604: statuser=865.95 statsystem=135.92

Showing that NET-installs not only take longer because of the network, but also
because they need nearly three times as much CPU time - probably from
uncompressing RPMs instead of installing images.

Bernhard M. Wiedemann
software engineer
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